Group gift

I set a group gift after a long time in the shop.
It's a normal type of the half denim sold this time. The color is a black.
It's functionally equal to cargo pants of the camouflage print though it is not cargo pants.
Please activate the group tag and touch the panel. And, please receive the gift.
I will tell it to you by the group notification before it ends.

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New Release "Half pants of camouflage print"

In addition, it informs them from LikeA of the new work.
::LikeA:: HARF DENIM Camouflage series
::LikeA:: Tanktops


As for the half denim, man and woman's parts are different. Therefore, it's separate sales respectively.
Color change can be done three colors of the belt.
It's possible to cooperate with the tank top put on the market simultaneously with this.
Color change or turning off the skirt of the tank top can be chosen.
Four parts are wear. And, there is a resize script include, and it's possible to adjust it.
The tank top is a normal pattern. There are five colors.
There is cooperation with the half denim, too.
It's the best of this season (summer) and recommended.
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New Release "JACK KNIFE"

This informs them from LikeA of the new work.

Zipper put from pocket forward on side. And, the belt in the back is feature jeans.
The following belt parts are made of two or more parts.
These parts can adjust the manual according to your shape (modify OK).
There is a possibility of not returning to the origin, too, when parts separate.
Please take care enough.
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